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Rendering advice and drafting legal documents for banks and other financial institutions; acting for banks and other financial institutions in preparing loan agreements including syndicated loan documents, mortgages, charges, guarantees and related documents.


Mortgagee actions; hire purchase claims; credit card debts; documentary credit and letters of credit actions; bills of exchange; foreclosures; enforcement of debt actions for example: charging orders on property and shares, garnishee orders, oral examination of debtors, winding up and bankruptcy actions, prohibition orders, stop orders and receiverships; insolvency actions.


Our Beijing Office liaises and cooperates with lawyers in the Mainland China to provide effective and efficient legal services to clients on cross border transactions and matters.


Authentication, attestation and notarization of documents for use in the People閿熺氮 Republic of China including agreement for sale and purchase of landed properties in the Mainland China; application documents such as adoption, confirmation of marital status, family re-union, probation application and renunciation of rights over assets in the Mainland China; litigation documents such as appointment for legal representative, affidavit under oath and supporting documents for arbitration proceedings in the Mainland China.


Acting for land developers in joint venture developments; sale and purchase of landed properties for redevelopment purposes; sale and purchase of domestic flats, houses, shops, commercial units, factories and industrial units in Hong Kong, auction sales, arranging for and attesting execution by the relevant parties of sale and purchase agreements and mortgages in respect of landed properties in the People's Republic of China and preparing the relevant notarial certificates; preparing leases and tenancy agreements and rendering legal services relating to landlord and tenant matters; advising on law relating to properties generally.


Contract disputes; enforcement of agreements to buy shares convertible into publicly listed company shares; enforcement of equity investment agreement; legal suits over failure to take up private company shares; dispute over sales contracts; product liability claims and sales of goods dispute; money lender actions.


Rendering legal services to corporations and business concerns; giving advice on commercial law and company law; incorporation of limited companies; providing secretarial services; rendering legal services in share and asset acquisitions, corporate reorganizations, joint ventures, trust, tax planning, employment contracts, distribution and franchise contracts and general commercial contracts.


Family and matrimonial law practice; Contentious probate; intellectual property actions; real estate litigation; injunctive and equitable remedies including injunctions and interpleader actions; professional negligence actions.


Application for visa; application for stay in Hong Kong and related matters.


Offering an extensive package of services ranging from registration of trademarks; patents and designs; surveillance of infringement in Hong Kong, Macau, and the mainland of the People閿熺氮 Republic of China; conducting litigation for infringement of intellectual property rights and breach of confidence claims; negotiation and preparation of intellectual property agreements, including those involving distribution, franchising, licensing, technology transfer and other related copyright issues.


Rendering notarization and attestation of documents services for worldwide use such as documents for the sale and purchase of overseas properties; incorporation documents of offshore companies and power of attorney and affidavit under oath for use abroad.


Advising insurance companies and representing defendants in all kinds of personal injuries cases including running down/motor accident claims; employee compensation claims and common law claims; defending occupiers liabilities claims, engineering and construction site safety claims and other negligence claims including professional negligence; representing Applicants/Plaintiffs in such claims; advising insurance companies on insurance coverage, policy interpretation, disputes with the insured.  Our Consultant, Dr. Felix Chan is a co-author of 閿熺祰ersonal Injury Tables Hong Kong : Table for the Calculation of Damages閿燂拷 which contains essential reference information to facilitate lawyers researching appropriate compensation levels for losses or expenses incurred through personal injury and fatal accident cases and is the only compilation of actuarial and multiplier precedent tables in Hong Kong and has been cited in court.


Drafting and advising on wills, assents and deeds of arrangement; obtaining grant of probate and letters of administration.


Salary tax, profit tax and taxation matters.


Advising both institutions and individual owners and tenants on renting, leasing or granting right to use or occupy residential, commercial as well as industrial premises.


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